What a weekend! It all started on Thursday morning with the delivery of an enormous skip (12 cubic yards for anyone who wants the detail).

From Friday afternoon until Sunday lunchtime a total of 18 Wish Tower Friends turned up and grafted.

There was simply loads of stuff to remove – from chipboard panels and rusty metal shelving units to bags of rubbish and old puppet museum cabinets.

By the end of the Sunday session the skip was completely full, and beautifully packed.  Pretty much all the rest of the rubbish that was movable had been stacked just inside the door ready for the next session.

It was a fantastic effort by everyone involved – from the ladies at Eastbourne Borough Council who arranged skip delivery and a couple of parking spaces for us to all the workers who chopped, held, lifted, carried and packed.

We’re looking forward to the next session on Saturday 15th February.

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