Step out of the classroom and visit a piece of Eastbourne History! Explore the Tower, see the basement and the great views from the roof.

With the tower being over 200 years old, there are steep stairs and the occasional water drip, we would recommend a trip for ages 8 and above.

During a local visit from a local primary school, a student said “Thank you for teaching us things about the Wish Tower, I really enjoyed learning the history of the tower like the ground use to be seven feet deep around the tower.”

Another said, “I truly enjoyed the thrilling tour of the Wish Tower. I learnt a lot of new things (including that people used to live there!), it was a really fun day!”

Before the visit, we can provide a health and safety check and offer resources to teach students more about the history. If you would like to enquire about a trip, please use the below form, and we look forward to hearing from you!