If you happened to be around the Wish Tower or the Western View Cafe yesterday, you could be forgiven for thinking you were hallucinating.
Yes, you really did see Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Ralegh wandering around…and, yes, they were probably smoking.

Cross Path Theatre were performing John Agard’s play – Puff – at the Wish Tower and, before the performance there was some rehearsal and, after all, even the queen needs to get herself a cuppa.



The play is set in the period when Ralegh brings tobacco from the New World.

Subversive, a little bit cheeky and thoroughly charming it was too.

As he left after the performance Sir Walter (aka Chris) said how much he’d enjoyed performing in the tower on two floors, even though it was quite a challenge.

Well done to him, to Leann (QEI), Mark (the director) and the lovely musicians who left us thoroughly entertained all evening (actually, Liz was entertained most of the afternoon too).

If you’re sad you missed the event then check out our events page for what’s coming up.

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