The best and worst time, for a project manager like me, is the last day or so ahead of an important event or project milestone.

When Christmas and New Year fall smack-bang in the middle of the run up to the event, it can magnify things even more.

So it is here, at Wish Tower central. There’s a buzz in the volunteers who have been researching, and getting ready for the first major event of our HLF project. There’s more a sense of controlled panic (and a tiny bit of nausea coupled with some really weird dreams) in the household of the project manager as I check and recheck all the things we need for our event.

What do you mean, what event?

OK – go and look here to check it out.

Anyhow, lists of things to take are being written, signs are printed and laminated and we’ve just picked up exhibition panels from a local printer. There will be a bit of last-minute fretting, I’m sure, but in truth I know we’re pretty much ready to go.

Why do project managers put themselves through this on a regular basis? Because the other thing I know is that by about 6pm on Sunday evening we’ll be in the pub with a pint in hand exhilarated with the buzz of an exciting event, well executed that achieved its goal. At least, I hope that’s how I’ll be feeling.

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