We’re really excited to be working with a local digital organisation called TechResort on a project to make more information available at the Wish Tower when the Friends aren’t able to be there.

We know that passers-by are keen to know more about the tower than even our information boards can tell them so the students and staff of TechResort have designed a low-cost, electronic, device that can run all day and send information and pictures to people’s smartphones, computers or tablets. So you can have that burning question answered even when the Tower is closed.

The Wish Tower presents a particular problem because it has no electricity to power the device. Our engineers, however, took up the challenge and have built circuitry that will use a high-capacity battery to power the device but that can be recharged via a solar panel. After all, Eastbourne is the sunniest place in the UK!

Developing a new piece of technology takes time – especially when you’re only able to spend a couple of hours a week on it – but after about a year of designing, building and testing the prototype of the device, which is called Info-Fi, is ready to be demonstrated to the public.

What better time to do this than at the annual celebration of people finding out more about their heritage: Heritage Open Days!

Join the Wish Tower Friends, some students from TechResort and our new Info-Fi device to learn more about this 200 year old Tower and how brand new Tech can help us enjoy it more. We’ll even have some tablet computers so you can enjoy the tech.

The Tower will be open from about 10am to about 3.30pm on 8/9th and 15/16th September.

Come and see us all!

Read more about TechResort and the Info-Fi device HERE

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