Today saw 8 hardy souls come to the Tower, despite the promise of high wind and rain, to help remove the last of the rubbish from within.

Last time, we completely filled our skip and so had left the remaining stuff ready to remove later.  Also there were still a few fittings that we weren’t sure we could remove safely.

Now, carrying 2m lengths of plywood and MDF in high wind could be a recipe for disaster so Steve used his power tools to cut the wood into more manageable lengths.

Once cut, our team of volunteers carried the material to the door – passed it over the walkway to waiting hands, and then carted it off to the skip.  It was like poetry in motion.

So – after 18 people, 77 man hours, 2 skips and about 20cubic yards of rubbish…the tower is almost ready to receive visitors.

Massive thanks are due to everyone who helped with the clearance – a fabulous team!